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Production and packaging of  sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds

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Mr. Anna Moradi started cultivating and trading oilseeds, especially sunflower, at the beginning of his agricultural career and served the local people of Golestan province for many years. Then in 2015, he and his sons started their industrial activity by establishing workshop for packing sunflower and watermelon seeds in Dehneh industrial town. Finally, in 2020, with the launch of industrial line for  packaging and processing of sunflower seeds, they expanded their trade in Iran and initiated international activities. Currently, Moradi Brothers Agro-industry Company actively collaborates with seed companies and local framers.

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At present, our R&D team in Moradi Brothers Agro-Industry Company works on sunflower cultivars from all over the word to find most suitable hybrid seeds for Golestan province, also we are actively working on producing our hybrid seeds for domestic watermelon cultivars.

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